Iving a summary and offering a contemporary example.

This week can you please address only the Laura Mulvey reading giving a SUMMARY and offering a CONTEMPORARY EXAMPLE.We will look at the Neale and Halberstam readings in class together so you do not need to summarise these readings. Your questions to lead class discussion can address any of the 3 readings, or any issues to do with feminism, queer theory and visual culture generally.

1 give a summary of the core readings. The summary should pick out the key points in the text a the handbook will give you a guide as to what issues we are aiming to discuss regarding this weekas text.

Following on from our discussions last week, this week we explore one of the most well-known critical frameworks to have come out of feminist media studies. Laura Mulveyas original essay comes out of second wave feminism and it provides an important starting point for a range of scholarly interventions that explore media texts from the perspective of gender. We will focus on both Mulveyas original work as well as a critical response to it, and the queering of this otherwise a?heteronormativea framework. Questions to consider include:

A· Is psychoanalysis a useful method for interrogating all media texts? Can we apply it to media beyond film?

A· What are the problems/challenges we face when using Mulveyas work in contemporary media anlaysis?

A· What is the political usefulness in identifying the a?pattern of looksa a for feminists? For queer scholars?

A· How can we apply Mulveyas thesis to a study of masculinity a and what are the results of such an analysis?

2 bring in at least one contemporary media text which is an example that helps us to understand part of the readings. Explain what the example illustrates and how it helps us to understand the issues in the text. Do not use examples mentioned in the texts a bring in your own examples. Hint when doing the readings, do any other examples come to mind?

3 think of around 4 questions that will encourage discussion in the class, and help us to think about the issues in the readings. If there is a part of the text that you didnat understand, say what you think it might mean and then ask the class if they agree or disagree a this will generate discussion.

Referencing Requirements:
Core Reading (to be completed in advance of seminar):

A· Mulvey, Laura (1975, rpt 1993) Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinemain Anthony Easthope, ed, Contemporary Film Theory, Harlow: Longman.

and either

A· Halberstam, Judith (2001) a?The Transgender Gaze in Boys Donat Crya in Screen42(3) August 2001


A· Neale, Steve (1983) a?Masculinity as Spectacle: Reflections on Men and Mainstream Cinemaa in Screen Vol. 24 (6).