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I am adding the instructions for this paper. This will be a group project and i do not need any other pages or topics than the ones i am giving you. please no cover page, introduction page, or conclusion page. my part of this project is
a?Provide detailed dietary analysis of all products sold..
a?Establish a nutritional advisory board composed of parents, students, and at least one certified health professional.

We have yet to come up with a name for the drink stand so please call it Group 5 Energy Drinks. As you read on you will notice that the proposal is to be written to our local school board. Should you need to add this in any part of the report, the school board will be Palm Beach County School Board. Thank you

Instructions and notes.
Healthy alternatives: Proposal to sell snacks and beverages at local schools. For years, a controversy has been brewing over the amount of junk food and soft drinks being sold through vending machines in local schools. Schools benefit from revenue-sharing arrangements, but many parents and health experts are concerned about the negative effects of these snacks and beverages. You and your brother have almost a decade of experience running espresso and juice stands in malls and on street corners, and youad love to find some way to expand your business into schools. After a quick brainstorming session, the two of you craft a plan that makes good business sense while meeting the financial concerns of school administrators and the nutritional concerns of parents and dietitians. Here are the notes from your brain-storming session:

a?Set up portable juice bars on school campuses, offering healthy fruit and vegetable drinks along with simple healthy snacks..
a?Offer schools 30 percent of profits in exchange for free space and long-term contracts..
a?Provide job training opportunities for students (during athletic events, etc.)..
a?Provide detailed dietary analysis of all products sold..
a?Establish a nutritional advisory board composed of parents, students, and at least one certified health professional..


Your task: Write a formal proposal to the local school board, outlining your plan. Research the details needed to complete your project.


Professoras Mentorship Notes:

This assignment is in lieu of a final exam and is a strong stepping stone in preparation for your Capstone project, which you will need to complete before graduation. The assignment covers Chapters 12-14 and is given to you now so you have plenty of time to do your analysis, planning, research, drafting, editing, proofreading, and writing before the due date. It builds on your experience writing the previous assignments: Removing the ego and knowing your audience. It also continues emphasizing the need to have strong persuasion, critical thinking, and reading skills. The difference is the format and that it is a research-based argument.

This is a group project. You will receive a contract that you must return to me with your electronic signature, agreeing that you will closely communicate and work with the group, and will adhere to the task schedule. Failure to return the contract will affect your grade. The reasons that this is a group project are so you can brainstorm together to understand the assignment and learn to be professionally responsible. Communication and team problems while working in groups are a given, so it is part of your grade to overcome these problems successfully. Re-read Chapter 2 about Mastering Team Skills and Interpersonal Communication, and follow those guidelines while working in your groups.

This assignment is designed so you can complete your project via Blackboard, which eliminates the issues of when and where to meet. Each group (pair) has been provided a private Discussion Board and live Collaboration (Chat) Room, as well as a File Exchange system in case youad like to share a document with your group partners. Please ensure to use the Discussion Board (which provides asynchronous communication) or the Chat Room which allows you to meet synchronously (at the same time) to perform all communication with your partners in order to provide records of your conversations and participation. Please ensure your partner will access the Collaboration (Chat) Room at the same time you are a this is a synchronous (live) chat tool. You may decide to appoint a team leader who will coordinate the groupas efforts. Divide writing responsibilities by analytical and persuasive content sections.

As you research, you will probably discover that your audience is limited about what they can do for you. How does this impact your proposal? Do you have to relinquish your brainstorming session and take your plan to a different level? Can you come up with an alternative plan that will jointly benefit you and your audience? The first step of your research is getting to know your audience very well. Once you do this, you can create the remaining steps of your research needs.

The report must rigidly follow the sample proposal on pages 400-413. It may contain only one typographical error per page preferably none at all. The only required difference from the sample proposal is that you will include a letter instead of a memorandum, as this is an unsolicited, external proposal. This means your proposal must be persuasive, as an unsolicited, external proposal is not wanted or expected by your audience. You must overcome your audienceas resistance and get it to say a?yesa? to your idea. All margins are 1 inch. While proposals are dynamic that means the format can easily change based on your audience, for purposes of this assignment you need to follow the stated format.
This assignment will be graded on your ability to remove a?I languagea? (ego); knowledge of your audience; ability to follow directions