Ivision/Classification Essay: Classify several different kinds of vacation activities.

Division/Classification Essay divides a large group of things into smaller sub-categories according to a single principle and explains each in some depth. Remember to emphasize in the introduction and conclusion the importance of this category system to the readers. Select just one of the following topics and write a Division/Classification Essay 750+ words in length.
Remember to keep the sub-categories mutually exclusive. For the classification essay, you divide a large group into smaller categories and explain each of the categories in more detail. For example, you could divide the large group of College degreesinto nursing degree, engineering degree, education degree, computer science degree, business degree, fine arts degree, and so on. The body of the essay consists of detailed explanations of each of the different kinds (probably in a separate paragraph each). The introduction and conclusion need to emphasize why it is important to know each of these kinds.
Classify several kinds of students you have noticed in your class. Classify several kinds of restaurants you have visited recently.
Classify several kinds of employees in your workplace.
Classify several kinds of music.
Classify several kinds of professors you have had in your college work.
Classify several different kinds of job positions in your profession.
Classify several different kinds of TV shows or movies.
Classify different styles of attirea everyday, sports/active, casual, semi-formal, formal. Classify several different kinds of vacation activities.