Ivorce an issue many gifted children face.

A Power point presentation should be used to provide the following information about your session:
1. The objective(s) of the session. What issue is addressed? What other issues/themes are explored in the video?
2. Describe the audience that will participate in the session (grade level, make-up of group -general classroom or gifted program, etc. and students gender, etc.).
3. A detailed synopsis of the video (Include where to find pricing and purchasing information)
4. A minimum of 6 discussion questions to help students explore the issue. ALL questions should relate to the issue. An acceptable question might be… Be sure to include questions that would allow students to think about and discuss their own personal problem. These questions are not to be ALL comprehension questions. The main intent of the questions are to allow students to think about their own situations and provide an outlet for them to discuss how to resolve their problems by using the actions of the characters and/or situations in the book/video.
5. A follow-up activity to the session that is related to the theme of the video. Be creative. The activity should be above and beyond paper and pencil. Think of a unique way to wrap up the session and allow the students to reflect on their own personal issue. This will further require the students to think about and formulate a solution(s) that will lessen the impact of the issue academically. (3-2-1, exit slips, journal writings are not in depth enough or considered creative. Think of an engaging activity that will allow the students to process their own situations through information, underlying themes, and character actions in the book/movie.
You should use five or less slides for your videotherapy/bibliotherapy session.