Ixonas Retail plc, key financial aspects that happened in the group since 2006 to 2010

Refference books: Atrill,P.(2009)Financial management for decision-makers.
Watson,D and head ,A Corporate finance :principle and practices

Company information:

Task 3
Using information you have gathered for tasks 1 and 2 and other information that you think is useful, discuss the companyas performance from a shareholder perspective:
a? How risky do you think this company is as an investment?
a? How successful do you think the directors have been in increasing the shareholdersa wealth?
a? What kinds of thing have influenced the companyas share price?
-using the companis annual reports from 2006 to 2010,talk about the key financial aspects, discuss investment in terms of maximising shareholder wealth, considering the TSR resul and say if it would be seen as favorably by shareholders if the money had been invested since 2006 in this company.
-discuss gearing, relate the borrowing decisions you observe to practice and theory on gearing .
-talk about why the company has addopted divident policy obsereved, relate the dividend policy to theory
-discuss the companys actions in relation to industrial and competitive environment