Please answer the below 5 questions for my CJ 350 International Terrorism Class. Internationalis the operative word not Domestic”.

CJ 350, International Terrorism

TEXT: White, Jonathan Randal (7th 12). Terrorism and Homeland Security. Wadsworth. ISBN 0-495-01336-7

This activity will enable you to:

Explain the social organization of terrorist groups by using meaning and structural frameworks.

1. In what way is terrorism a social process, within the context of meaning and structure?
2, Can one perfect their religious beliefs, without group reinforcement and support, to justify their terrorist actions? Explain why or why not.
3. Provide a few examples of recent terrorist actions that involve many problems in determining if the terrorist action was an ordinary criminal act or a clear act of international terrorism. Provide your arguments as to why they could be considered acts of International terrorism.”
4. Can a terrorist personality be profiled? Explain why or why not.
5. Discuss why it may be more important for security, law enforcement, and counter-terrorism personnel to understand the Routes to terrorismrather than simply the Roots of terrorism.As part of this question, discuss the paths to radicalization, group process, groups in prison, individual radicalization, and the commonalities of radicalization.

Keep the following points in mind:

a?The ability to explain and discuss various schools of thought regarding social explanations and the social underpinnings of terrorism is fundamental to understanding its existence.
a?Assessment of the various social processes that create and sustain terrorist organizations, including moral justification and radicalization, is based on theory and analysis of information.