J 354: Managing Homeland Security Midterm Exam

Exam Directions
Answer the following essay questions as completely as you can. You are permitted to use your text; however, you are also encouraged to draw from other resources and experiences in crafting your answers, where appropriate.

Exam Questions
1.Explain the four phases of emergency planning (i.e. mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery) in detail. Practically speaking, which phases do you think most emergency managers spend time thinking about? Which phases should they spend the most time thinking about? How, if at all, has 9-11 changed where the emphases should lie?
2.Explain in detail the process of risk analysis? In light of the readings and your own experience, how would you define risk? How would you weigh it? If you were the city manager or police chief in a small town with limited resources, how much effort would you put into risk analysis? Would you simply Eyeballrisk and give it your best guess, or would you be inclined to conduct an actual assessment?
3.How important to a community or an agency is an emergency plan? If you were crafting or revising such a plan for your own agency or community, what components would you make sure were present in the plan and why? What would you do to ensure knowledge of the plans provisions?
4.What role, if any, should emergency managers play in ensuring emergency medical care for a mass-casualty incident? In other words, what can emergency managers and disaster planners do to facilitate such care? In what ways may public safety agencies or infrastructure agencies (such as the utility companies or public works) play a role in effectively responding to mass casualties?
5.What makes for a good emergency manager or disaster planner? What personal attributes would contribute to the success of such an official? Also, what kind of resources and support must be available to multiply the effectiveness of the emergency management function in an agency or community? To what degree do you think those resources are available to the emergency management profession today?

Student Name: Samuel Blanks
Instructor Name: Professor Danielle Rowell
submission must be made using MS Word(.doc)file attached to an email