J 365 FINAL ESSAY EXAM Police and The Community

This is a FINAL ESSAY EXAM that I need by Saturday. There are 5 questions that should have 250-300 words in the answer for each question. There should be 2 sources for each and the TEXT can be one of them (see below for text information). APA format, Times Roman, 12 Font required.

Final Essay Examination

Your Final Examination will include an essay portion with 5 questions, all of which you must answer to the best of your ability.
This examination will be available for you to take beginning at 12:00 AM EST on the Wednesday morning of Module 8 and will close promptly the following Sat evening at 11:55 PM EST. It is suggested you write or print out the essay questions for handy reference as you develop your responses. Be sure to submit your essay exam in one WORD document and place it in the appropriate assignment drop box. Although there is no set word limit for your answers, it is required that you fully explain your responses.
The examination will be essay and will include questions related to Chapters 9 through 15 of the text materials. Main points of the chapters covered will include the following. Itas important that you review these main points prior to taking the examination so you can do as well as possible:
The role of the community in COP.
Contribution of the police chief to community-oriented policing.
The various a?caveatsa? to the systemic approach.
Problems with the implementation process.
The future problems of community-oriented policing.
The future benefits to community-oriented policing.
The factors that cause future change.
Community-oriented policing in the era of homeland security.
The Goldstein interview concludes in this module and has interesting information regarding the future of problem-oriented policing, and thus the future of community-oriented policing itself as weave learned in preceding modules that community policing will fail if one component of community policing is unsuccessful.

TEXT Materials:
Community-Oriented Policing: A Systemic Approach to Policing, 4th Ed., Willard M. Oliver, Pearson/Prentiss-Hall, ISBN 978-0-13-158987-2 (2008).
CJ365: Police and the Community
Module 8: Final

Answer the following essay questions as completely as you can. You are permitted to use your text; however, you are also encouraged to draw from other resources and experiences in crafting your answers, where appropriate.
Submit using the APA writing style.
EXAM NOTE: Review Chapters 9-15 of Community-Oriented Policing: A Systemic Approach to Policing for Exam of the TEXT Material.

Describe the potential obstacles to community involvement. What can be done to overcome these obstacles?
Why is it imperative that the police chief become a policymaker? What is meant by the term policymaker? In addition, it has been said that the police chief should be a a?statesman.a? What does this mean and how is this in keeping with the neutrality of the police chief from politics?

Compare and contrast the United States and its form of community-oriented policing with that of one other country.

The implementation of community-oriented policing is often said to entail additional costs, the hiring of more police officers, and the expenditure of additional resources. Why is this true? Why is this not true?

Detail the benefits that have already been actualized under the philosophy of community-oriented policing. What impact will these benefits have on the future?