L-Khwarizmi: Algorism, Algorithm and Quadratic Equations

The Assignment:

Choose & Research about an Arab scientist who has contributed to the advancement of a specific scientific field: math, medicine, astronomy, physics…
Identify or Select an Arab scientist.”

I have chosen to write about: Al-Khwarizmi (aka: Algorism, Algorithm)

Choose one aspect of his/her contributions which you find interesting to investigate
Read about the historical context of the Arab scientist
Choose one issue/ concept to research and write about ”

Write an explanatory essay: 3-4 pages, double-spaced, 2-3 online sources”

I have chosen Al-Khwarizmi and the issue/concept of quadratic equations”. I have already started the essay, the teacher told us she doesnt want us to talk too much about his personal life, or his history before maths too much, but not to forget to mention it of course. We are to use 3 scholarly sources, and the rest from wherever we want. Here is the citations I have already made:

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