LAB) Cepheid Variable Stars (See attachment for Instructions)

Please calculate the Distance in light-years to two of the following stars in the Milky Way and one star of your choice from the Andromeda galaxy, the closest spiral galaxy to Earth.

For the Andromeda star, calculate the distance using the Population II line and the Population I line as well. (You will be determining a total of four distances for this lab.)

Once again, you need to turn in the following for 4 objects: (2 stars in our galaxy using the Population 1 line, and 1 star in the Andromeda galaxy using (a) the Pop I graph, and using (b) the Pop II graph.

a?Period, in days from the light curve
a?Highest magnitude (mhigh) from the light curve
a?Lowest magnitude (mlow) from the light curve
a?Absolute Magnitude (M) from the Period-Luminosity plot
a?Distance in LIGHT YEARS (please include the calculation)

Data Part A: contains data for stars in our galaxy
Data Part B: contains data for stars in the Andromeda
Data Part C: contains the Population I and Population II graphs