Lagging of Accommodated Law School Admissions Test Scores Based on Disability

First, I would PREFER someone familiar with writing a LAW SCHOOL paper, but if unavailable, someone who can just write a concise, unadorned minimal term paper, following my instructions works best (ultimately I will fix any citation issues)

Second, please IGNORE the Style choice of MLA. As I am a law student, this work must be in Bluebookcitation format. In my uploaded papers, the citation is used in all of my cited sources.

Third, please follow the instructions in my uploaded papers as closely as possible. You may add a bit of general additional info you find online, but that should be largely unnecessary, since the main material is all there in the uploaded papers.

Fourth, I believe there is more than 20 pages of work there. Thus, if there are bits that do not seem central to the narrative and you simply do not see how to integrate them, feel free to leave them out.