Lamour: Looking and Being Looked at. What makes you feel glamorous?

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We build up our stereotype of glamor since we were young.
In our childhood memory, there were stories about princess and beautiful girls ,who has got the perfect personality and the look, are became felling in love with prince charming and play with them as toy.
What is glamour? What make us feel glamours?

History of glamour
Nineteenth century something akin to sorcery, or magical charm became Hollywood female figure since 1930.
Since then it impact on many industry such as cosmetic , fashion and beauty surgery and so on.

( Carol ,D.,(2010). Glamour : women, history, feminism. United kingdom and usa: Zed books Ltd .

Examples of classic glamorous
Fashion designer madam gres inspired Greek style
New look Dior
Film star Audrey Hepburn , Marilyn Monroe

Stereotypical glamours is white high class women.

Male glamours
007 James bond
Essex boys
these days menswear is becoming womenswear
Mens high heel
Wearing womenswear

Cross dressing

Expectation of glamour is different to the past
Working women
80s power dressing
Iron lady
michelle obama

In the future the meaning of glamour is changing.
Inner strength , beautiful aging wrinkle, just about who you are not who you want to be.