Lannery O Connor (1925-1964) A Good Man Is Hard to Find (1955)

articulate this theme: describe the storys point of view. On whom is the story focused? How appealing is this character as a focal point of attention?

Structure: one intro paragragh , three body paragraphs, one closing paragragh.

Support the above theme through detailed analysys of these three eleements:

The three elements will make up the thres body paragraphs.

Minimum requirements:
1. the five paragraph essay will consist of one intro, three body, and one conclusion paragraphs.
2. Quote directly from the story in each body paragraph.
3. Each body paragraph must present at least two specific examples of evidence from the text that supports the theme.
4. Use in-text citations to indicate where the material comes from (page references for stories and plays, line references for poems).
5. Include a works cited entry.

Location: LiteratureAn Introduction to Reading and Writing by Edgar V. Roberts and Robert Zweig page 429.