Lannery OConnor A good man is hard to find vs. Sweat by Zora Noale Hurtson

Write a comparison essay of 5 pages.
times new roman 12 font, double spaced
you must include a minimum 3 research sources
you must include a proper mla quote citation in the essay, and a works cited page.

Theme of the essay that will be discussed is GOOD VS. EVIL
Introduction a short summary of both of the stories. Then, thesis statement including the theme of good vs. evil

Body #1 Talk about Delia( talk about her character) ( SWEAT story)
Body #2describe grandmother in a good man is hard to find.
Body #3contrast #1 Delia (goes from good to evil in the end )
Body #4 contrast 2Grandma ( she goes from evil to victory and victory to death)
Body #5 and 6 contrast cultural environments of both writers Flannery OConnor South american vs African american writer
Conclusion restate your opinion and describe which one for you portrays more the theme of good vs. evil