Lannery OConnor and how her devout Catholic Faith influences her story A Good Man is Hard to Find

The annotated bibliography for this assignment is an alphabetically-indexed list of fifteen sources that provides information related to your topic.
Your annotated bibliography must include at least one example but no more than five of each of the following kinds of information sources:

i?? A primary source, electronic or print (a story, novel, poem, or autobiography written by your author)
i?? A print article from a reference book.
i?? A printed book (or part of a book) about your author or the authori??s life/career/work.
i?? A non-commercial website (in other words, a website that features no commercial advertising). Wikipedia, incidentally, is not acceptable source for this assignment.)
i?? A print article from a newspaper, magazine, or scholarly journal (full-text articles located through online library data bases are acceptable.)
i?? Your annotations should be concise. Concentrate on briefly describing the source–what kind of information does it contain? What is its purpose? How might the information be useful to your research?
i?? List each source by author(s) and title. Use quotation marks to show titles of articles, book or website sections, stories, and poems; use italics to show titles of books, periodicals and journals, websites, movies, or plays.
i?? Clearly indicate the original source of all articles. If an article is from a database, identify both the database that listed the article and the source that originally printed or published the article.
i?? You do not have to use formal MLA Works Cited format to list the sources, but the annotation should be double-spaced and should accurately describe the source and provide specific information about where you found the source.