Lannery OConnors A Good Man Is Hard To Find”

1. Must contain at lest six sources. Your required sources are as follows: (a.) Magills Masterplot Series(b.) Short Story Criticism (c.) AVL source (computer source) (d.) Source of your choice (e.) Book from the Northeast library (f.) your assigned story from english book.
2. do not use Wikipedia as your source. Also do not use any source that does not provide an author.
3. Include either a topic or sentence outline.
4. Turn in all final outline, copies of highlighted sources, and rough copy along with final copy of your paper.
5. Paper should be typed, and each page of the body should be numbered and adequately documented. The works cited page should be numbered and will be the last page of the paper, but will not count toward the required 5 pages. Neither will the outline.
6. Dont use bold print. Use Microsoft Word, Use 12 point Times New Roman font.
7. Use only one side of the paper and double space.
8. Include a woeks cited page wich is made up only of the sources actually cited within the paper.. Failure to do so will result in the loss of one letter grade.
I already have copies for the Masterplots, the Short Story Criticism, the book from the Northeast Library, and of course my english book.

Lannery OConnors A Good Man is Hard to Find”

As a Header in the upper right corner plz use in 3 lines..Geoffrey Gomez, English 101/Hall, 04/23/2011
The Title sould be.. Absence of Faith, bold, and underlined. The thesis statement should be similar to this sentence and at the end of the intro paragraph… (Through OConnors use of characterization, symbolism and the theme that A Good Man is Hard to Find”, OConnors point that societys morals and faith has crumbled is conveyed.) Each additional paragraph should start with a topic sentence that ties into the thesis statement. Any anallysis of the story,theme,characters or symbols should also tie to the thesis. The essay should contain at least 5 paragraphs with a good inrto and thesis statement, body paragraphs to support the thesis statement and a conclusion. Also do not use 1st person ex. I feel.. or I think.

Lannery OConnors A Good Man is Hard to Find”

Flannery OConnors, A Good Man is Hard to Findpresents several possible themes. In an essay of at least 400 words, choose TWO of the themes described below and present evidence from the story to confirm the plausibility of the two ideas. Show that these messages have merit.

*The title, A Good Man is Hard to Findis a vicious play on words. The Good manis not the person we would normally expect and the Good deedhe commits is not what we anticipate as the story rolls. The story is simply a nasty, practical joke.

*The fates of the Misfit and the grandmother are direct comparisons to the fate of Jesus Christ. They all seem to be persecuted for no reason.

*-The point of this story is that some people dont truly behave like Christians until their lives are shaken traumatically.

*-The grandmother is a representative of the Old Southof the 1800s. Women were frail ladies. Men were gentlemen and slaves did all of the physical labor. It was a society of politeness built on evil. The message of this story is that the old, ante bellum South needs to be exterminated for the good of the country.