Laska lawVoluntariness of confession: States Memo in opposition of Motion to Suppress confession


This is to be a persuasive argument section of a legal memo as if it were to be given to a judge in the jurisdiction of Alaska.

Must follow TRRAC format presented in further documents.

Document for the transcript of the record will be sent, as well.

There are about 4 cases that are ESSENTIAL to the argument that must have persuasive TRRAC analysis, which are Ridgley 732 P.2d 550 , Carney 249 P.3d 308 , Waterman 196 P.3d 1115 , and Beavers 998 P.2d 1040. However there must be more cases for each of the arguments.

The additional documents will contain all of the rest of the information for the assignment.

There is a brief overview of the facts you may want to view before reviewing the transcript of the depositions. The brief overview was initially given to us before the transcript to provide us with a preliminary assignment. However, it may be useful to get a gist of the facts before delving in to the record.

The Checklist for the argumentsection spells out all of the necessities for the paper.

There is also the Guide to Legal Research for this Memo.As a professional I am sure you are familiar with legal research however there are some things within this document that you should read as well which may be specifically tailored to the preferences of my teacher.

There is also a Guideline to TRRAC formatwhich provides what the teacher is looking for out of the format of the TRRAC analysis and an example.

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