Lass Conversation 1–The State of Our Unions: Exploring Marriage in America

Chapter 7 explored the topic of marriage and we will continue to cover this topic throughout the course. We were presented with the question: Does Marriage Matter … and in particular, does it matter in America.? Lets talk about how we perceive and understand marriage not only on a personal level but on a national level in the US.

First off, what does marriage mean to you and what is its purpose? What do you think about the present state of marriage in America such as the marital and divorce rate from what we have learned and by your own experiences and observations? Has its value changed and what role does society play when it comes to marriage? As some research has shown about public opinion, do you think marriage is becoming obsolete as some assert … is it just a piece of paper?

Next, think about the concept of Deinstitutionalized Marriage.What are your thoughts about what family demographer, Stephanie Cootnz asserted that Love and expectations for intimacy have conquered marriage”? Is this true–why or why not? Has the Individualized Marriage Premise led to decline or inevitable change in regards to its stability as discussed in the chapter and why from your perspective?

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*Be sure to implement material from chapter 7 and properly cite the textbook in APA (see cheat sheet in Getting Started Link) within your response to demonstrate your understanding of the chapter and points presented. Personal views and experience must be accompanied with integration and application of the course material.