Lass Inequality: Mobility and Class Structure

All students must submit one-page self-study guides that match summaries of course reading. They must be typed, single-spaced, in 12 point font, with one-inch margins and must fill at least three-quarters of a page. This assignment covers readings from the Text Book: The Inequality ReaderEdited by David B. Grusky and Svonja Svelenyi. The first readings covering: How much Social Mobility Exists in America,are as followed;
1. Blau and Duncan. The Process of Stratification Pp. 527-540
2. Featherman and Hauser. A Refined Model. Pp. 469-480
3. Lin. Social Networks and Status Attainment.
Pp. 594-596
4. Acs and Zimmerman. Like Watching Grass Grow. Pp. 517-536
5. Jonsson, Grusky, Di Carlo and Pollack. Its a Decent Bet that Our Children Will be Professors Too. Pp. 499-516
The last readings covering: How much Class Inequality is There & is it Growing?are as followed;
1A. Saez. Striking it Richer.Pp. 86-89
2A. Grusky and Weeden. Is [it] Market Failure?Pp. 90-99
3A. Eagan. No Degree and No Way Back to the Middle.Pp. 452-454
So, this assignment needs to be a brief summation of that which is discussed in the above listed pages of the above listed book.