Lass: Philosophy of Feminism Topic: Women, work and family.

Essay Assignment as stated on syllabus: You will be expected to propose and write on a philosophical issue within feminism. This paper will be argumentative, in the sense that you are required to take a stance on the issue you choose. Any issue we cover in class is an appropriate topic, but you can also choose a topic which is not covered.

My Essay Must Follow the Following Outline:

Thesis: Women are treated unfairly in the workplace due to the assumptions that employers make about women and their personal balance between work and family.

Point A: I will define what I mean by a?unfaira? and I will demonstrate that statistical generalizations do not apply to everyone.

Point B: I will examine Catherine Hakimas a?Five feminist myths about womenas employmenta? and I will show why I think it is problematic.

Point C: The principal of respect implies that employers violate the dignity of female workers and are thus immoral.

Point D: Profit is not the only value that is operational in business contexts and it cannot justify the poor treatment of female employees.

Point E: I will examine Jay Ginn, Sara Arber, Julia Brannen, Angela Dale, Shirley Dex, Peter Elias, Peter Moss, Jan Pahl, Ceridwen Roberts and Kill Rubery in their a?Feminist fallacies: a reply to Hakim on womenas employment.a? By doing this, I will demonstrate how their arguments support my thesis.

Point F: Global employment requires global justice and employers cannot treat female employees in ways they would not treat male employees, especially when the difference in treatment is totally based on gender and nothing else.


Hakim, Catherine. a?Five feminist myths about womenas employmenta? The British Journal of Sociology. Vol. 46, No. 3 (Sep., 1995): 429-455. (Print)

Ginn, Jay, et al. a?Feminist fallacies: a reply to Hakim on womenas employmenta? The British Journal of Sociology. Vol. 47, No. 1 (Mar., 1996): 167-174. (Print)

Class Material:

Please email me at and I will send all of my class notes as they will you with the essay.

The classes textbook is called: Feminism: Issues and Arguments by Jennifer Mather Saul

And the syllabus also suggests that we use: Writing Philosophy: A Guide for Canadian Students by Lewis Vaughn and Jillian Scott McIntoshwhen writing our papers.