Lass Project (Tower Analysis) easy work

Essay Writer,
Based on question 1 to 5, Understand what class project (Tower) is, and then, focus on only question 6 and 7, not 1 to 5. The other group members will work for question 1 to 5. I will work only question 6 and 7, and it should be 2 pages and be detailed. The class will be started at 3:30pm so I need the final result until 2pm and then I will review the work before the class.
Where are the resources about Tower?
A) Please find the information on GOOGLE

1. What is the name of the company, what distribution system does it use, in what geographical areas does it operate?
2. What is its general strategy towards operating an insurance business? What is its strategy towards distribution systems?
3. What are the risks the company faces according to its 10K?
4. How is the company affected by insurance regulation?
5. Is the company a heavy user of reinsuranceif so, in what way?
6. How successfully has this company operated financially in the last two years?
7. What suggestions do you have for the companyas strategy?


Company: TOWER