Lass: Religious Studies: Spirituality and Leadership

First: Read the article

Second: Provide a 2 page reflection on the article

submit a 2-3 page commentary on something that caught your imagination from the readings or class discussion. What tapped you on your should to get your attention? Why? What might you do about it? How is the insight applicable to you as a leader in your own personal experiences and employment setting? Alternatively, you can write about something that caught your attention outside of class, but please relate it back to course material. The objective here is to enhance mindfulness, to stay in the moment and reflect more deeply on whatever it is that is you truly care about.

Here are a few questions that we offer to engage you as a learner. Theyare designed to help you notice what you notice in your world. Among all possible information and situations, we only observe a minuscule percentage of whatas happening. As you notice what gets your attention, you can also see your filters.
What issues consistently get your attention? Which ones make you angry? Which ones get you excited?
Have you glimpsed or experienced a future that inspires and motivates you?
Who do you want to be for this world? What is the contribution you hope to make?
Are you willing to risk being changed by this journey?

This assignment focuses on the a?Notice what you noticea? of these steps. On the Thursday class of any two weeks, please