Lass -Sociology of WomenTopicMen have the same body image issues as women

Topic: Men have the same body image issues as women

Do men have the same body image issues as women?

The paper is required to be 8-10 pages in length and 12 point font size with standard margins according to MLA guidelines. It should have a title page or have your name and date prominently displayed on the first page top corner and bibliography with a MINIMUM of 8 research sources (no more than 25% from the Internet). A portion of your grade will be on punctuation, grammar and spelling so use your computers grammar and spell check as well as proof reading. You may use any library or college resource to assist you in turning in an academically appropriate paper. The paper is worth a total of 450 points, 25 points for your topic sentence (with 4 bibliography sources), 75 points for your outline (with 8 bibliography resources) and 350 points for the final paper.