Lassical Ballet vs Contemporary Modern Dance

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Research Paper: 100 points
5-7 pages, double-spaced
Compare and contrast two different dance forms from two different historical time periods or societies.
Thesis Statement: 1 paragraph
i · Compare and contrast the following: costumes, musical accompaniment, performers, audience, venue, dance movements
i · What do the two dance forms have in common? How are they different? Use specific examples to support your ideas
i · How do the dances reflect their respective time periods and societies?
i · How are the two dance societies different? How did these factors influence the dances?
i · Use 11 or 12 point font, double-spaced.
i · Include name and page numbers in footer.
i · Spell check and grammar check your papers,
i · Required Bibliography or List of References should include primary source material, including books, articles, videos, websites. Please note that Encyclopedias and Wikipedia are not acceptable college level sources.
i · Please use MLA or APA format in all quoted material. Cite all source materials including content which may be from a website. You are responsible to cite sources even if you do not quote from them directly. Please note that it is not acceptable to copy large quantities of text and then cite it.


Modern Dance:
i · Merce Cunningham
i · Alwin Nikolais
i · Post-Modern dance
i · Twyla Tharp
i · Mark Morris
i · Hip Hop

Classical Ballet
i · Era of Classical ballet
i · Petipa and Tchaikovsky
i · Sleeping Beauty (1890)
i · The Nutcracker (1892)
i · Swan Lake (1895)