Lassical Chinese Literature in Translation

Admins: the customer will send a list of point they already elearned regarding this topic. You have to choose 5 point OUTSIDE of the already learned.

FORMAT: a critical paper of 10 pages, 2 space, 12 font,including footnotes and bibliography. The MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, which is located in the main Reference Room, should always be consulted.

Find a motif that occurs in at least five poems from An Anthology of Chinese Literature. These five poems should have not been discussed in class. You can choose a motif from those that we have discussed in class, including white clouds, wine drinking, farewell to friends, withdrawal to nature, mountains-and-waters, gardens-and-fields, peopleas suffering during war, and patriotism. You can also choose one beyond this list. You may discuss: What functions in aesthetics and in meaning does this motif play in the poems? How is it representative of the poetsa philosophical inclinations? Is this motif associated with any literary devices, such as repetition and variation, uses of natural imagery, symbolism and personification? To what degree do poetsa different treatments of the motif reflect their personalities and social experiences? How effective is the motif and how typical does it seem to be of the style of the poets or their times? Does this motif show poetsa preference for brevity and suggestiveness and a concomitant faith in the ability of the reader to fathom The meaning beyond the words”? In which way can the use of the motif in the Chinese tradition be compared with Western examples?

Your paper should present a clearly stated thesis. It is a statement that reveals the major decisions you have made during planning. In a broad sense, your thesis offers a controlling generalization that informs your audience of the main idea you will develop. Your thesis may be expressed in a single sentence, which will usually appear in the introduction of your paper. You should make a title for your paper, which is attractive and reflects the main thesis.

BOOKS RESERVED: The following books are reserved in the Reading Room. You may find them useful for your paper writing.
Liu, Wu-chi. An Introduction to Chinese Literature. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1966.
Mair, Victor. The Columbia History of Chinese Literature.
Owen, Stephen. The Great Age of Chinese Poetry. New Haven: Yale UP, 1961.
Watson, Burton. Chinese Lyricism: Shih Poetry from the Second to the Twelfth Century. New York: Columbia UP, 1971.