Lassical Conditioning At Work (Pschology)

Instructions: Below you will find eight different situations. In each of the following situations, identify and clearly describe the unconditioned stimulus (UCS), conditioned stimulus (CS), unconditioned response (UCR) and conditioned response (CR).

1. Sheldon Brown loves hot, spicy food. Last month he ate at Panchos Mexicana Cafe six times and, each time, he perspired from the hot spices. Yesterday, as he drove past the restaurant, Sheldon began to perspire profusely.

2. When she was just a puppy, Suzies cruel owner took her hunting and fired his shotgun right next to Suzies ear. Suzies new owner notices that whenever theres a thunderstorm, Suzie hides under the bed and whimpers until the storm passes.

3. Kyle is seven months old. His mother warms his bottles in the microwave. Whenever the bell on the microwave rings, Kyle begins to drool.

4. Lucy was playing with her cousin. Suddenly, her cousin let out a horrifying scream and cried, A wasp!She yanked Lucy by the arm and dragged her brutally into the house. Now, Lucy refuses to go outside to play, claiming she is afraid of The wasps.”

5. Poovi had to give a speech for English class. She was so nervous she thought she was going to be sick. Barbara was sitting in the front row wearing Passionperfume (too much Passion perfume). Even though her speech was over, for 8 days, whenever Poovi smelled Passion perfume, she felt extremely nervous and sick to her stomach.

6. Moussa had an unfortunate accident. While shaving one morning his electric razor shorted out and burned his chin. Now Moussa shows fear of electric toasters, coffee makers, and toaster ovens.

7. After a cat is exposed to repeated pairings of an electrical shock and a blue light, the cats heart races whenever a blue light is presented.

8. Ralph prepared Juma her favorite lunch of meatballs and spagetti. In the late afternoon, Juma felt sick. Juma immediately blamed it on Ralphs meatballs and spagetti and she told him she would never eat it again.