Lassical conditioning vs Operant conditioning

This paper must be in APA format and cited in APA format. I have attached how to get to the library.

The field of behaviorism continues to be captive to two main views of how people function and how they are susceptible to change. Furthermore and of interest to us is how counselors use these modalities to help people create change today. I am speaking of the work of Dr. Pavlov (Classical conditioning) and the work of Dr. Skinner (Operant conditioning). Based on information gathered from researching the Brandman library please formulate a 4 page APA style paper addressing the following:

a. A description of classical and operant conditioning
b. A brief synopsis surrounding the positive and negative attributes of both modalities
c. A detailed exploration of how these modalities still apply to the counseling field today

1. This assignment should be 4 pages in length (not including the title and reference page). Make certain to cite all sources used for this assignment are in APA format.