Lassical psychoanalytic interpretation.

This assignment is based on the narrative life history Someday my elders will be proudwhich you received in class.

ASSIGNMENT: In 3 pages of written material you are to propose a classical psychoanalytic interpretation of Jeans difficulties in adulthood with: 1) alcohol abuse; 2) relationship rejection/lack of intimacy with male peers. You will recall that in Jeans life history these issues are interwined from her childhood.

BACKGROUND: To successfully complete this assignment you must first understand the possible outcomes in each of Freuds stages of psychosexual development, and what might contribute to a specific outcome. Be sure to include THE OEDIPUS COMPLEX in your considerations. Secondly, take careful note of what Jean tells you about her life experience during the time frames for each of the psychosexual stages. Then put together a plausible interpretation of her childhood experiences that would explain why she has the problems she has as an adult.

GRADING: This assignment will be graded on a 40 points scale with points allocated in the following manner: 10 points-clear and accurate understanding of Freuds psychosexual stages; 10 points accurate understanding and reporting of Jeans childhood experience; 20 pointsa well-supported interpretation of Jeans childhood issues and how these caused her alcohol & relationship problems as an adult.