Lassical Theory of Management on strucutres of Innovations LTD.

Words 2000
Please read the case study attached.

1) Referring to the Classical Theory of management, comment on the current structure of Innovations LTD, in relation to the following key principles:
) Scaler concept
) Unity of command
)Exception of principle
)Span of control
) Organisational specilaisation
)Application of scientific method.

A)Briefly describe what each of these principles means.
B) Analyse in detail the impact of each of them in terms of the sucess of Innovations LTD.(1000 words)

2) To what extent do you consider Innovations LTD to be
. value driven
. Customer driven
.Service driven
Justify your answers with clear evidence from the case study.(500 words)

3) Based on the above analysis, what improvements would you recommend in order to address the problems that Innovations LTD, is currently experiencing and to ensure continued success as the company grows (500 words)