Lassification Essay Gym Rats 3 types sweaty fanatics, fashionites, and fitness buffs

Your classification essay
The classification development requires three components:
1. Your subject, also known as your topic. In the strict sense, this is known as a Class.This could be a group of people, places, things, or concepts.
2. The criteria by which you are going to divide this entity.
3. The subgroups also known as Members of the classor Categories) youve identified in #1.

Putting that all together will provide you with the structure and the direction of your paper. Here is an example:
Gym Rats can be classified according to their priorities at the gym as sweaty fanatics, fashionites, and fitness buffs.”
A· The class is gym goers
A· The four members of this class are sweaty fanatics, fashionites, busybodies, and fitness normals.
The criteria used to divide this class into its members are by their priorities for going to the gym.
Words of Caution
1. Do not mistake Classification with Comparison-Contrast. Although you will be tempted to compare one sub-group to another, that is not the main function of a classification contrary to what the text implies on pg. 209, second paragraph. You may includes transitions like Unlike fashionites who dress for looks, fitness normals dress for functionhowever it is important to keep your objective in mind which is to classify then divide, not compare and contrast.

2. Dont overlap. For example, if you were dividing nurses into the type of units they work in, you would not select, as subgroups night nurses and ICU nurses. ICU nurses include both day and night nurses.

3. Make sure your categories and the details you ascribe to them are appropriate for your purpose. For example, in the case of gym goers, you wouldnt include health nuts even though health nuts also go to the gym because you are not looking at their eating habits. For this essay you are looking at their priority for going to the gym.

4. Categories must be complete. If you do not include all members of your group, indicate that there are others which you havent accounted for with words such as Although there may be others, these are the four types you most frequently will see at the gym when you are there.”

Here is an example of what our English professor is looking for


Undesirable Produce Market Customers”

You will find almost as large a variety of customers at a produce market as you will find fruits and vegetables. Undesirable produce market customers fall into three main categories those who squeeze the fruit, those who complain constantly, and those who try to cheat the market -,and when you meet them all in one day, you have one big headache. Perhaps you will recognize these people as I describe them.

Sammy Squeezeris the least annoying of these undesirables. He wants to make sure that everything he buys is “just right.He pokes his thumbs into the top of a cantaloupe. If they penetrate very deeply, he wont buy this particular specimen, considering it to be overripe. He squeezes the peaches, plums, nectarines, and any other fruit he can get his hands on. After ten of these people squeeze one piece of fruit,it will surely be soft, even if it wasnt originally. Moving on to the corn, Sammy carefully peels back the husk to examine the kernels inside. If they dont suit him, he doesnt bother to fold the husk back to protect the kernels; he simply tosses the ear back into the basket. The problems he creates for the employees are primarily physical removing the damaged items after he leaves.

A more annoying customer is Betty Bitcher.She is never satisfied with the quality of the produce: the bananas are too green, the lettuce has brown spots, the berries are too ripe, and the potatoes have green spots. Sometimes you wonder if Betty would have been satisfied with the fruit grown in the Garden of Eden.
The produce has no monopoly on her complaints, however. Betty also finds fault with the service she receives from the employees. Talking to other customers or directly to the clerks, she can be heard saying such things as Why is this the only place I ever have to wait in line? They must have trouble getting good help here.Even as she leaves the market, which is none too soon, she must make one last complaint: You mean I have to carry my own potatoes to the car?The problems she creates for the employees are primarily mental she can make your nerves quite active.

Perhaps the most annoying customer of all is Charlie Cheater.You have to keep your eye on him constantly because he knows all the tricks of cheating. He will add berries to an already full basket. He will take 6/79-cent oranges and tell you theyre the 6/59-cent ones. He will put expensive grapes in the bottom of a sack and add cheaper ones on top. Then hell tell you that they are all the cheaper variety. Likewise, he will put expensive nectarines in a sack, place a few cheaper peaches on top, and try to pass them all off as peaches. If he is caught, he usually says, I dont know how that happened. My little girl (or boy) must have put them in there. The child usually looks dumbfounded. The problem Charlie creates for the market is twofold: financial and legal. If you dont catch him, your profits suffer. If you do catch him, you almost have to prosecute, usually for amounts of only a dollar or two, or youll have every Charlie in town at your door.

Did you recognize any of these customers? If you didnt and would like to see some of them in action, stop in at Steves Produce Market. Thats where I work, and thats where I meet them.
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