Lassification Rough Draft & Final Draft

Writers Workshop Robert M. Frew Nancy A. Sessano 7th Edition
Please use one of the topics suggested in Skills Practice 4.10 on page 148 in your text. Place it in the Classification Final Paragraph Dropbox.

Follow the Writing Process detailed in Chapter One of your text. (Skills Practice 3.13 will help in the planning/mapping of your paragraph.)

A? Remember that the topic sentence should clearly express the main idea of your paragraph. What is it that you want your reader to know about your topic?

A? The body of your paragraph should develop and support your topic sentence. You do not have room for any unnecessary sentences.

A? The last sentence in your paragraph should conclude your paragraph. (a?The End!a? does not count.)

All assigned paragraphs/essays must meet the following requirements:
a?Prewriting must be completed AND submitted with the final draft. If it is not, I will not grade your paragraph.
a?Materials should be organized in the following way: Final draft, Prewriting, Outline/Map, Rough Drafts.
a?At least one rough draft must be completed and submitted.
a?The final copy must be in Times New Roman font. The size should be 12 cpi only. The only acceptable color is black.
a?Use standard margins (1for top/bottom and 1for left/right margins) and indent the first line of the paragraph.
a?You do not need a title page for paragraphs, so please include the following in the top left-hand margin: your name, my name, the class title, and the date.