Lassroom Behaviour Management in practice

This project is best for a writer who has had experience in highschool teaching as it requiers one to imagine real life classroom situations. Or imagine they ve been on a profesional experience at a highschool and now need to discuss what it is like to deal with behaviour management. I m interested in how things turn out in practice as opposed to theory. What goes wrong, what works, etc.

Here is the question--

Discuss how the following (below) classroom behaviour management practices can prove to have strengths and weaknesses when implemented in a real life classroom. Thus discuss how these strengths and weaknesses would reflect in how (smooth) the classroom runs. Further how would you improve it?

Behaviour management practices :
1. Discuss and set rules with students
2. Consistently punish with lunchtime detention
3. Punish straight away (or inform of punishment straight after missbehaviour)
4. Preventative measure  walking around classsroom (especially to problem areas)
5. Preventative measure  careful planning of lesson and activities
6. Seating arrangements and moving distracted students
7. Respect taught, encouraged, stressed and shown

Attached should be a sample personal behaviour management philosophy that discusses these in more detail.

Thank you