Lasswork: Individual answer to case study

(1)Purchasing Managers Deskbook of Purchasing Law, 3rd. edition, King, D.P., Publisher is Commerce Clearing House and the ISBN is 0735549923.

(2)Government Contract Guidebook, W/06 SUP. 3rd. edition 01, Arnavas, D.P., Publisher is West Law and the ISBN is MBS#796015X

(3)The Legal Environment of Business and Online Commerce, 6/E (Standard ISBN:0136085687), by Cheeseman,Henry (2009), Publisher is Pearson

(4) 1-2 sources of your choice.

Strictly adhere to Publication Manual for the American Psychological Association, 6/E, 2009. The case is stated below.

Case: In October 1981, Christy and Andrus were involved in an automobile accident. On November 8, 1982, Aetna Casualty and Surety Company, Andruss insurer, sent a letter to Christy and his insurer, the travelers Insurance Company, offering to settle Christys claim against Andrus for $8,507. Neither Christy nor the Travelers responded to this letter until February 4, 1984, when an attorney for The Travelers sent Aetna a letter attempting to accept the settlement offer. Aetna then responded that any claim that Christy had against Andrus was barred by the States two year statute of limitation and that Travelers attempt to accept was not timely. Christy filed suit against Andrus and Aetna, arguing that they were bound by the settlement. At trial, Aetna introduced uncontradicted evidence that the customary practice in the industry was to respond to settlement offers within a few weeks. Was the trial court decision in Aetnas favor correct?

Please support answer/statements made referencing tha above sources and a couple of your own, if possible.