Lay effects on Petrophysical Reservoir Rock

Masters level paper in Geology

The paper should have information regarding mixed-layer clay minerals, properties of clay like swelling, aspects of petroleum geology like temperature and maturation, migration and overpressuring, and effect of clay in porosity-permeability. Other important topics that should be addressed are clays and production problems like drilling mud, formation damage and core damage. The title of the paper is Clay effects on Petrophysical Reservoir Rock. The paper should include Sandstone Diagenesis and nomenclature as well.

I will upload important information from a masters text book called clay minerals for petroleum geologists and engineers. I will scan and upload 3 important chapters that need to be cited on the paper. The chapters directly correlate to the paper. The chapters could alone be used to write this paper but more reference is needed. However, this is the most important reference. The chapters include (1) Structure of Basic Clay Mineral Groups an interpretation of clay mineral Data. (2) Properties (3) Clay minerals in modern sediments (4) Clay minerals and sandstone Diagenesis and (5) Clays and Production problems. The upload will be done by tomorrow evening.

The references should be in the bibliography preferably with more reference from journals, texts, rather than straight internet sites.

I will add more money when I get more funds to increase overall number of pages to 28-30.

Thank you