Lbert Banduras social cognitive theory Case Study

Read the case study below. Using the questions that follow the case study as a guide, write a narrative that addresses the questions following the case study. Use some text from Woolfolk, Anita. (2013) Educational Psychology. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

Annie, a fifth-grade student in Mr. Baers class, is being quiet and sullen for the fifth day in a row. I just cant do this writing stuff,she finally says in an appeal to Mr. Baer. Im not a good student. Give me P.E. or art over this stuff any day!”
1.How does Albert Banduras social cognitive theory help us to understand Annies comment I just cant do this writing stuff”?
2.What might be the sources of Annies low self-efficacy beliefs related to her writing beliefs?
3.How could you apply social cognitive theory to helping Annie become more confident and successful in her writing skills?
4.Annies self-efficacy beliefs for writing are expected to influence her self-regulation. What might you do as the teacher to influence Annieas self regulation?
5.Address any typical/atypical behavior/development.