Lchol should be made illegal/ or any topic that follow these guidelines

Convince the reader that a particular course of action should be taken on an issue of choice. Provide the information as a way of persuading your reader that your soultion to the problem is the best one. Formulate and revise the thesis, gather and sort information, setting up an outline. The paper should contain: Yhesis, bibliography, Rough outline, photocopies/print outs of at least 5 articles/book chapters, Final Thesis statement, final outline, final works cited page, rough draft, In-text citations Tell what the problem is with Acholoisms? Why should we make alchol illegal. How should we solve the problem? In the thesis statement, tell what the problem is and how Im going to fix it.
What about Acholoisms causes a problem? How bad the problem is and that it is so bad that we have to do something about it. Talk about what would happen if nothing is done. Second part of the paper is the solution.
How I think this problem should be solved. What would I do about the problem, What is the cost of this solution( Not necessarily money).