Lcohol and Drug Abuse in Men Who Sustain Intimate Partner Violence

Base on the intruction a here and files I uploaded write the rough draft essay.
Read Chapter 6 of the Guide to Writing Sociology Papers for an overview of the Textual Analysis Paper. Also, you will need to select a Sociology Journal Article or a book by a sociologist (Karl Marx, etc.). The article selected must be a research study that includes a quantitative research design and therefore will include a research design/ methods section (the researcher conducted some type of research). The article should be fairly long so that you have enough to write about.

1. You will write a 5-page critique paper (not counting the title page and reference page) based on a scholarly sociology journal article or book by a sociologist.
2. Your paper must include an introduction with a clearly defined purpose, a
body of paragraphs, which should support the introduction, a conclusion,
and a reference page.
3. Your paper will include the Title page, summary of the article (key
points), critique and overall evaluation.
4. Use Chapter 6 of the Guide text to help you analyze the article.
5. You will need to cite material from the article you are critiquing in proper
APA or ASA format.
6. The paper should be written in your own words, paraphrasing and citing
in proper format. Avoid plagiarizing.
7. Your paper will be submitted through Turn It In on our course site.
8. You paper must be organized, include appropriate topic sentences and
supporting sentences, it must be proofread for grammatical and spelling
9. You must submit a rough draft for peer review by the due-date listed or
you will lose 10 points of your paper score.
10. Do not use I or me in paper. Remember to write in an academic style of writing.
11. Employ critical thinking skills and analysis throughout paper.
12. An A paper will also not only address the obvious, but will also analyze
the less obvious.
13. You will need to submit a copy of the Journal Article critiqued in PDF
format. (entire article must be submitted) or all of the book information.


I. Title Pageshould include the Title of the article, journal information, your name and date

II. SummaryWrite a summary of the articlekey points (Write in your own words)
a. Research topic
b. Literature review
c. Design/MethodsWhat methods were used
d. Results
e. Discussion
f. Recommendations for Future research

III. Critique of the Article/ Analysis
a. Research topicIs thesis clearly stated, problem practically important,
what is the hypothesis and was it supported
b. Literature reviewCited sources important to study?, Review to broad or
too narrow? Studies cited recent?
c. Design/Methodology (Strengths & weaknesses of design/methods, etc.) Appropriate? Sample size, research design appropriate, etc?
d. ResultsResults support hypothesis? Thesis statement?
e. Discussion conclusions of study related to original purpose? Who will
results affect? Recommendations made?

IV. Overall Evaluation
a. Summarize your evaluation of the article
b. Who will benefit from reading the article, if anyone?
c. Discuss the importance of the article
d. What is your evaluation of the article?
e. Suggestions you have for repeating the study or a similar type of study.

70-75 POINTS 60-69 POINTS 50-59 POINTS Below 50 POINTS
Textual analysis (5 paged paper, title page
& reference page).

No grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.

Organized and logical flow of content.

Analysis of Sociology
Journal Article

Proper citations of all sources in APA format.

Includes introduction, summary, analysis, evaluation & conclusion

Thesis statement clearly stated.

Conclusion clearly wraps up main points.

Rough Draft Submitted on time for peer review

Participated in peer review.

No plagiarism issuesTurn-It-In (low similarity rate)

Outline &rough draft submitted with final paper
Textual analysis paper is for the most part written well.

May be missing 1 or more of the criteria.

May contain some grammatical or other writing errors.

At least 4 pages plus title page &
reference page

Includes citations.
Paper may need some work in terms of writing style, errors, and or organization.

May not have all citations.

Weak analysis

Grammatical and/or other writing errors

May have issues with
APA citations.

May be missing 3 or more of the requirements.
Paper contains numerous errors and or poor writing style.

Weak analysis.

Paper does not include citations to other relevant sources.

Does not meet paper page number requirement
Missing title page Missing reference page. Missing required section/s
of paper