Lcohol Problems in Hospitality Industry

I need a research paper including each of the following;

1. An executive summary report describing the following:
a. Identified business problem a Alcohol Problems in Hospitality Industry
b. Proposed solution
c. Expected results of implementing the solution
d. Research and fieldwork supporting the observations and conclusions of the author

2. A documented and detailed solution package to include:
a. Instructions on how to use the solution.
b. Solution contents, as applicable to the topic

3. A listing of all sources including:
a. Citations for all research
b. Dates and descriptions of all relevant fieldwork

30% Clear identification and description of business problem to include support of research and fieldwork on the relevance of the business problem to industry. The best identification is clear to an objective industry manager and supported by multiple layers and types of research and fieldwork (academic reports, industry reports, industry inquiry, observations, etc. ).

30% Solution design and presentation. Appropriateness, thoughtfulness and usefulness of solution including material presented for application. The best solution is one that someone could pick up and implement without any instruction, alteration or additional enhancement.

30% Research/Fieldwork. Quantity, quality and relevance of sources of information. The best solution is supported by multiple layers of research and would appear highly credible to an objective observer.