Lcoholics Anonymous Meeting Experience Paper

Alcoholics Anonymous:
Please sit towards the front of the meeting. Do not wear name badges or take notes. Respect the confidentiality of the experience. Feel free to have refreshments and talk with members explaining who you are and the importance of the experience in your nursing education. Do not put money in the basket as it goes around. It is O.K. to get some printed literature to bring home. Keep in mind that you are representing the nursing program, dress casually and comfortably.

1. Start off the paper by stating that you attended on 1/26/07 at 3217 Winona Avenue., Burbank, CA

2. Discuss the meeting you attended including the day of the week, date and place of the meeting.
Describe things that happened during the meeting. Please talk about what interested you.

3. In the second paragraph discuss what you thought about the meeting.

4. In the third paragraph discuss how you felt about the experience/meeting.

5. Finally, summarize what you learned from the experience.