Lcoholics Anonymous meeting reaction paper

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting reaction paper

Dear writer, this is a paper for an addictions course (counseling program) and the description is below, I just donat have time to write it. It is on AA, and with less emphasis, also the 12 step process. If you are not familiar with AA I imagine you could find a recorded meeting on the web. It will take some creativity on your part to come up with what the AA people might have told for stories and experiences, then add your reaction.

Please use the first person when writing. As for the framework of the paper follow the format described below and also put these facts in the paper somewhere: This subject is a bit personal for me b/c my paternal side of the family, grandfather , uncles (not father however)a¦etc were functioning alcoholics for the majority of their life. I also have peers in their 20as that I know becoming alcoholics due to heavy drinking on a regular basis (like hard alcohol in the middle of the day) This is very saddening to me but underlies how partying with drinking can lead to addiction. Again please use the first person and work in this information along with general reactions

Official paper description
You will attend an Open Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting and write a 3 full page, typed paper
addressing your personal reactions to the meeting (note the emphasis on a?personala?).
At the meeting, introduce yourself as a student in an Addictions Course who is attending the meeting to learn first-hand about AA.
Do NOT take notes during meeting, make them immediately after the meeting (it would be disrespectful
to members). When talking about your experience or writing your reaction paper, be sure to keep the
memberas attendance and discussion confidential. Even if you already attend AA, I want you to attend a
meeting as a student, preferably attend a meeting youave never attended. Your reaction paper should
include your thoughts and feelings about the meeting and AA as a whole including reaction to the
organization of the meeting, the culture demonstrated, the therapeutic factors present, and to the a?storiesa?
of the addicts present. Additionally, discuss your personal reaction to the entire experience and how this
experience impacts your beliefs about addiction and recovery.