Lcoholism and alchohol dependence as an abnoraml disorder.

Abnormal Psychology

General Guidelines:

* You are expected to submit a paper that is of an upper-level undergraduate research paper quality in both writing and research!
* Use only Size 12, Times New Roman font..
* 1 inch margins all around please note, I am not  fooled by 1.25 or 1.50 margins I promise, you will lose points if you try to fool me!!
* Your paper should be between 8-12 pages, not including references or title page.
* No abstract.


1. Introduction and importance of the issue.

2. Thoroughness of the research on the issue:

*Number and breadth of sources (at least 4 research studies).

*Major reliance on actual published research articles, please stay away from non-scholarly internet sites!

*ONLY scholarly research journals.

3. Review of the relevant literature:

*Clarity of description of each study.

*Attention to major strengths and weaknesses of each study.

*Organization and flow of the review.

4. Summary and synthesis of the research:

*Clarity and organization.


*Insight/ your unique opinion about the issue.

5. Conclusion:

*Is the final conclusion logical and accurate?

6. Grammar and writing style; Text citations and reference section.