Lcoholism and depression (and/or mood disorders)

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This assignment is to propose a possible clinical study for a practical clinic class. The assignment is to find 5 articles (3 from journals, 1 photocopied from a book, and 1 internet article) on alcoholism and depression (and/or other mood disorders).
Each article must be summarized into one paragraph and incorporated into the paper. Each paragraph should only address one article per paragraph (instead of writing five paragraphs incorporating information from all articles).
Structure of Proposal:
1. General Objective that describes a?What I am looking to find in the study?a?
2. A short introduction (describing the topic)
3. 5 summary paragraphs addressing one article in each paragraph, but creating a flow of information
4. a?Justificationa? paragraph describing a?why I want to do this studya? in approximately 3-4 sentences.
I do not feel strongly about how this study is proposeda¦. Whatever you think is best. I trust you!
Thank you for saving my life!