Ldi: A German Retailing Icon, Case Analysis

This is Retailling Class Assignment, Case Analysis.you must not use any sources,. (Single space 2pages / or 4pages double space).

The Comprehensive Case a Aldi

Key Objectives:
1. Gain additional knowledge on the grocery retailing industry and key types of players in this business (read Chapter 2).

2. Understand the hard discount retail model used by Aldi and the key factors contributing to its success.

3. Further study the increasing roles of private labels in retailing.

4. Evaluate whether a large national retailer can replicate its and strategy in new country markets.

Discussion Questions:

1. Describe the core elements of Aldias retail strategy (target market, retail mix, and key value propositions).

2. How are different components of Aldias retail strategy aligned with one another?

3. Explain the key internal and external reasons why the company has been so successful over the past decades.

4. What are key challenges for Aldias expansion into other countries?

5. Can Aldi successfully replicate its business model in the US and other countries? Why or why not?

6. Will Aldi continue to be successful? Why or why not?

Please type your answers using 2 pages (single-spaced). Due at the start of class on Thursday, Feb. 10th.