LeanFish External environmental analysis

Company Name: CleanFish (B corporation)

External environmental analysis:
-General environment (only the most relevant segments for the company. ex: Demographic segment, Physical environment Segment…etc)
-Industry environment (all 5 forces: Threat of new entrants, Bargaining power of buyers, Bargaining power of suppliers,Threat of substitute products, Competitive rivalry)

I need to do a presentation about this company for the external environmental part so please this paper should be written clearly and easy to understand.

Also, please make sure this paper relates to the opportunities & threats which is below here:

ClearnFish is still aimed at Western countries market so far. The eastern countires market is still under underdevelopment. Since the Asian people love seafoods so much, they eat fishes almost every single day. If CleanFish can also promote this concept and products to the Asia Market like Hong Kong or Mainland China, the market share is very pleasing and promising in the future. Meanwhile, there are not many substitutes to CleanFish in the market. The different between CleanFish and other normal fishermen is that they care more about the environment so that they can promise to deliver the best seafoods to the consumers. If CleanFish can keep running successfully, they are able to capture more market share in the future as well.

CleanFish will face a threat from the for profit company. Since CleanFish is a B corporation company which is for sustainable business. Sometimes, if they want to make sure the quality of the fishes, they have no choice but to conduct the suspension of fishing within a certain period of time. However, for those who are not B corporation companies, they do not care about the environment and just for profit. It can be forseen that they do not have self-conduction and will not conduct the suspension of fishing within some seasons. Therefore, they are the only one who can supply the fishes in the suspension. Without doubt, this is a huge threat CleanFish need to solve or at least promote the concepts of how important of suspension of fishing is so that it can reduce their loss in this period.