Lectronic financial transactions over the Internet

Essay Topic

Electronic financial transactions over the Internet are very common these days.
However, they face various kinds of security threats. Your task is to read the literature( library, journals, magazines, the Internet etc)
and write an essay on different kinds of security threats relevant to financial
transactions. Your essay should address aspects such as: the nature of the threats, their
severity, what actions have been taken or can be taken to address the threats and how
effective such actions are. Providing case studies of actual security incidents will be an

Provide full reference of literature sources and use Harvard style referencing.
essay should be around 2000 words.

Marking Scheme
a? Number of different threats addressed 5%
a? Aspects of threats addressed 30%
a? Depth of analysis 30%
a? Proper introduction and conclusions 10%
a? Grammar and spelling 10%
a? Writing style 15%