Lectronic fingerprint scanning for security at airports.

Assignment 2 Individual Project (2000 words approx.)
Basis of a Research proposal
Electronic fingerprint scanning for security at airports.

the research Proposal must contain the following elements:
1. Short Background (Introduction) (400 words.)
Background to the topic area and explanation of why this research is worthwhile.
2. Literature Review (800 words.)
You are required to demonstrate knowledge of existing literature (other research) in the area and how your work would fit into this literature. You should show a clear link between previous work that has been done and the intended area of research. This shows the key literature sources upon which you intend to build your own ideas. The Harvard referencing system must be adhered to in this section.
3. Aim and Objectives
As a result of the background section you should have clear aim/s (research questions) and objectives (specifically identifying what is to be studied in order to answer the aims). The Aim and associated Objectives should be written in a clear and unambiguous manner.
The aim of this project isa¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦a¦.
Specific objectives are:
To investigatea¦a¦a¦a¦.
To analysea¦a¦a¦.
To critically assessa¦a¦a¦
Each objective should indicate an associated method e.g. primary and / or secondary

1. Methodology (400 words.)

The Methodology is the story of strategies used and tasks performed in order to collect data for the research. It should indicate the why, where, when etc. of this process. It should thereforea¦.

Detail exactly how the research objectives will be achieved. It should detail at least the following:

i?? A description of the research setting e.g. the proposed organisation a providing a rationale for the setting.
i?? A description of proposed participants a providing a rationale for the choice of participants and sampling methods, in addition to access and ethical issues.
i?? A description of the proposed data collection
i?? The research procedure a including time taken to undertake measures with brief detail of the proposed data analysis techniques.