Lectronic Health record, Information site paper

Interview a Pharmacy Director at a hospital that utilizes Electronic health records. The focus of the interview must be form these questions.
1. What were the barriers when implementing the new system? Lack of awareness, security issues, as information is shared among providers it is not generally in a form easily understood by consumers, and may be misunderstood , and no standard language. And how did you overcome the barriers?

2. Please explain the responsibly of your position? e prescribing, Pharmacy dispensing systems, unit bases dispensing cabinets

3. What is the educational background required for your position? I just needed to take a computer training course

4. What does it take to run a facility on EMR smoothly?

5. Is the new system easy to use, and please explain the training process? Initially it was difficult because it is a significant change going from paper to EMR. As the training continued it all fell into place.

Should not be more than 6 pages
All questions must be answered in the paper.
references must be with in 5 years, peir reviewed, and from sites only with .org,.edu.,