Lectronic payment systems-their impact on the scope of depository institutions markets

General: make sure to read all requiements below
i) Each project must be turned in by the due date
ii) The project must be 10+ pages typewritten, not including charts, graphs, tables or references, with page numbers clearly indicated.
iii) One letter grade penalty for each day late, unless otherwise given permission by the professor.
iv) References are to be provided at the end of the problem sets. Wikipdia is not considered a valid reference without other supporting material.

Project Report Preparation Instructions:

A. Executive Summary
B. Purpose of the case or problem: to allow the reader to determine what the author intends to do and the authors plan and strategy for completing the analysis.

C. Analysis types
1. Examination of an existing data base or combination of bases in an effort to establish some cause-and-effect relationship between the variables examined.
2. The application of a decision-theory technique or combination of techniques to a new or previously unresolved problem.
3. Development of a new data base and an analysis of the data gathered.

D. Suggested Organization of the project Reports and Presentations

Title page and Executive Summary

Problem Statement and nature of the problem to be addressed.

a. Background, may include a theoretical framework b. Central question to be addressed by the research

Approach and methodology to address the problem as stated above
a. Methods and approach
b. Data Sources
c. Areas that will be excluded or beyond the scope of the case analysis

Analysis procedure and data sources
a. Models, if any, to be used and how will they be developed
b. Sources of information, how will data be obtained and the organization of the data

Summary and conclusion. This is different from the Executive Summary.

use as much as you want for sources