Legy for the giant tortoises & Oryx and Crake

Margaret Atwood wrote Oryx and Crake more than three decades after writing i??Elegy for the Giant Tortoises.i?? What similarities and/or differences do you see in her concern with species extinction in these two texts? Which do you feel is the most effective in raising public awareness or concern?
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Write a well-structured analytical essay of 1500-2000 words, which considers two or more of the primary texts we ve discussed in class. You may choose to use scholarly sources to inform this essay, but these sources are not required. The essay will be evaluated primarily on the quality of your close reading and analysis of the primary texts.

Your essay should be typed, doubled-spaced, and referenced in APA, MLA, or Chicago Style. Abridged style guides and links to these referencing styles are available through the MRU Library. Click on the  Cite Sources tab on the library home page for a list of these guides.
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Essay Structure

Includes a clear introduction and strong thesis statement.

Texts are discussed in a logical manner and given relatively equal treatment.

Transitions are used to seamlessly connect paragraphs.

Conclusion restates the thesis and main points and summarizes the significance of the argument.

Grammar and sentence structure

Free of errors in sentence structure, grammar, and spelling.

Uses varied sentence structure and transitions to fluidly connect sentences.

Critical Analysis

Detailed textual analysis provided to support thesis statement.

Reflects close reading of the primary texts.

Includes unique and original insights.

** Remember to explain how the textual evidence you ve chosen supports your thesis.


Referenced correctly using APA, MLA, or Chicago Style.

In-text citations are provided for each quotation or paraphrase used.

Reference list is provided at the end of the essay.