Lementary Indoor Cycling a 1 Week Journal Assignment


Elementary Indoor Cycling a 1 Week Journal Assignment

As we discussed in class, we each have goals for this class. One of my goals is to help my students understand and remember that exercising can and should be fun. To do this, I would like each of you to keep a journal for one week. In this journal I would like you to: (1) keep track of all the planned physical activity you perform, (2) keep track of what you are eating, (3) on a scale of 1-10, rate how good or bad your day was, 1 being one of the worst days youave ever had and 10 being one of the best days youave ever had, and (4) your feelings and thoughts about your exercise, food intake and how that affected how good or bad your day was.
At the end of the week I would like you to (5) analyze your entire journal and discuss anything interesting you found or any correlations between your physical activity, food intake and how well your day went and (6) discuss whether this journal was helpful in reaching your health and fitness goals. Include these in a separate section after your last journal entry.

Hereas an example of what one entry could look like:
Monday, October 15th, 2012
Exercise: 7-mile endurance run, P90X Core Synergistics, 1-hour cycling session, 30 minutes stretching.
Food Intake: Breakfast Rice Chex Cereal, Skim Milk, Banana, Water
Lunch a Strawberries, Baby carrots, Whole Wheat Bread with Peanut Butter
Snack a Apple, Water
Dinner a Grilled salmon, brown rice, steamed broccoli, water
1-10 Scale: My number for today was 9. It was a really good day. I notice that when I eat healthy foods and perform my planned physical activity my days seem to go better.
Thoughts and Feelings: I was really pleased that I had enough time to get as much physical activity as I did and, in turn, when I get plenty of exercise I tend to eat a lot better and choose healthier foods than if I were to not exercise as much. That being said, I feel really good and energetic throughout the entire day and continue to have enough energy by the end of the day so that Iam able to be more productive. I would like to continue to make this same amount of time to exercise and be sure that I have time to prepare healthy foods to eat.